Urban Tribe Erupts – Score Fourteen Runs in the First – Victory is Theirs

A cool autumn night
Hoping to avenge last week
The UT arrived

Thirty Siscions

Celebrating a Home Run

Celebrating a Home Run

Lined up to defeat the Tribe
Their hopes would be dashed

Ryan kicked things off
Sixteen hits followed his lead
As did fourteen runs

Denim’s four bagger
Followed by Architect’s too
Impressed the attack

Melissa kicked strong
Pushing Ditka around home
Not always easy

The defense was crisp
Lindsay and Gabby were nets
Balls did not get through

Architect and Gould
Attacked with the rubber ball
Siscions cowered

The Joggler walked one
And gave up a few runs but
One struck out looking

The Tribe coasted on
With a few more runs scored by
Christy and Christine

Siscions were flat
Dress pants and shoes didn’t help
Or their case of beer

Mercy came early
The game was called after five
The Urban Tribe won

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