Reflections of a Rolling Rubber Ball

As I began my ascent into the night’s sky, I looked back and saw the Urban Tribe celebrating wildly. Peoplekickball2 cheering, arms flailing, and faces lit up, smiling widely. It was like watching a rally for a newly elected African American president. This was in stark contrast to the other side of the field where a gang of reprobates (their opponents Balled and Beautiful) pouted and scowled. They must’ve voted Republican.

While I went higher and higher, I saw the Joggler racing around second base yelling at Glamourous Gabby to keep going. She had slowed to stop at third, but he was already ¾ the way there and wanted her to go home. That guy is crazy on the base path. She scored and he eventually would too when Christie booted me just out of the reach of the inept second baseman.

At this height, the frigid autumn air alleviated the throbbing pain I felt where Ryan “The Hitcher” initially kicked me. While it wouldn’t be the farthest he would send me this night, it was the most painful. Of course, this pain paled in comparison to what K-ron must’ve felt when one of the B&B’s pink-clad Bruisers intentionally body checked her as she made a dazzling grab of my dusty yellow skin. The unexpected shot sent K-ron rolling onto the ground but she held me tight.

I heard a stunned Christie say, “Are you serious?”

And the bruiser, who clearly didn’t put the “Beautiful” into their team and also undoubtedly suffered a miserable childhood, hatefully snarled back, “That’s Right!”

When K-ron got over the shock she tossed me aside. I rolled to a stop at third base and watched the drama unfold. The benches cleared and tempers flared. It took Joggler and a dozen of the B&B team members to keep K-ron from confronting the pink Bruiser who cowered behind the crowd. Apparently, the Bruiser can only be bold when the other girl isn’t looking. Wild Thang earned her feisty nickname by getting into her opponent’s faces and animatedly expressing her displeasure. It took Mayday, Meatball, Denim, and a threat to cancel the game to pull her out of the fray. When it was over, each team went back to their benches and tried to resume the game. Bruiser was out and the UT was indignant. I shivered in the dirt waiting to be picked up again.

kickballAs I reached my peak, it was clear from my trajectory that no one was going to catch me. This would put the UT ahead by 4 runs, and would pretty much wrap up their first play-off win. Especially with defense like Denim’s diving grabs in left, the Architect’s super powered throws to Gould at first, and Wild Thang’s catch and tumble at short center.

Gravity pulled me back to Earth and I saw the patch of rocky dark grass where I would return. This wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable as the hand-softened landing I got from Ditka’s amazing kick, or the finger-tip slow down on the one Brewmaster barely missed. Brewmaster would later redeem his fielding faux pas with a stellar inning of shut-out pitching.

When I hit the ground and rolled into the night, I couldn’t help but feel happy for the Urban Tribe. The playoffs have not been kind to them and I desperately want them to win. They are a force of good in this crazy kickball world. Their youthful enthusiasm, competitive spirit and overall good nature is a green beacon in the darkness of a corrupt world. They deserve to win the Championship and if their legs and hands cooperate, they will.

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5 Comments on “Reflections of a Rolling Rubber Ball”

  1. JK Says:

    Can’t believe i missed all the drama. Great Win UT

  2. K-Ron Says:

    Was I the only one who didn’t get it was from the ball’s perspective until the 3rd paragraph? I guess I shouldn’t overlook the title next time!

    We’ll miss you Perry and others who can’t make it tonight. It will be tough without our full team but we’ll carry on.

  3. Perry Says:

    Just a little too clever for my own good eh? I’ll miss you guys too. Good luck!

  4. Meetball Says:

    It took me to the 3rd paragraph also! Nice work Perry!

  5. Wild Thang Says:

    It took me a little while too. I couldn’t figure out why K-Ron grabbed Perry’s “dusty yellow skin”! Ughhh!!! Then I figured out it was the ball! Good recap Perry- sorry we didn’t bring a victory home on Wednesday, we seem playoff cursed I swear!

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